Board Game for Summit

Board Game for Summit

The World Council is a card game for you to experience Global Cooperation, Horrible Leaders, Despicable Plans and World Destruction.

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Why The World Council ?

  • Become a Country Leader

    Determine the fate of world , prevent Doomsday and save your country in your own way !

  • Completely interactive

    Doomsday is close , everyone's fate is hanging by a thread , except for your own victory ! When necessary , enemy can become ally !

  • Strategic game play

    Militarize, polluting the world, using renewable's all your choice !


When will I get The World Council?

If your The World Council was pre-ordered on Kickstarter, it will be ready to ship Apr 2017. If your The World Council was pre-ordered on this site, it will be ready to ship before we are out of stock. (Which means ASAP)

What is Cold War Expansion?

Cold War Expansion will include a new gaming mode. Councilors will split into two teams. While following your leader to fulfill the teams' achievement, your opponents will also try to stop you. Everyone in this game are able to change they faction when they pay the cost, which will make the game more unpredictable!

What is Disaster Expansion?

Disaster Expansion will include some random events. Councilors need to face them together in order to make the world a better place and save their country from destruction!

Do The World Council have Chinese Edition?

Sure. We are from Hong Kong, why not? ;)

How to contact us ?

Please feel free to send us a message on facebook if you have any questions / Email us :